What Snowboard level are you?

Snowboard Class Guide

Introductory A - series

This course covers the basics of snowboarding starting from side slipping and falling leaf exercises through straight running and using the drag lift. The course progresses to the components of a basic turn. By the end of these four lessons most people will be able to ride the lift, stop and maneuver the board down easier slopes. Classes in this series are A1, A2, A3 & A4 and must be taken in sequence.

Slide Turns B - series

The second course of lessons starts with a recap of the ground covered in the earlier lessons in order to ensure that a good grasp of the basics has been achieved. The course continues over the weeks with lots of running and exercises to target particular areas of boarding technique, while all the time building the pupil’s confidence and ability. The goal of the series is to achieve good basic slide turns.


C/D - series

More advanced classes are held occasionally and are grouped into a series of 4 lessons once again. The aim of these classes is to produce good quality linked carve turns of both long and short radius on any terrain. The exact structure of the class will depend on the ability of the pupils and the class will be geared towards their specific needs. Having completed these high level classes most pupils should achieve a high enough level of riding to tackle the vast majority of terrain while away on holidays.

The video that you see playing shows the standard of snowboarding that we teach in our A standard and B standard classes.


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