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The Ski Club has a long association with schools, providing pupils with ski instruction and practice facilities. The best skiers learn to ski at an early age. It is a skill which the individual will value all their lives, enabling them to enjoy winter holidays with their friends and families. Schools can contribute to this enjoyment, as well as enhancing their curriculum, by organising classes for their pupils with the Ski Club.

The benefits are obvious – learning a new and valuable skill, physical exercise, enjoyable activity and good PR for the school. Schools races are held at the end of the season where a full day is dedicated to team and individual races.

The schools programme runs from September to April. The club is open for schools classes during the daytime from Monday to Friday. School group lessons are 1.5 hours long, and allowing time to kit out and return gear, the overall visit is about 2 hours.

A series of four lessons is recommended, especially for schools planning ski trips abroad. 4 or 6 class bookings are especially suited to Transition Year Programmes.

The Ski Club’s Indemnity form signed by a parent of guardian for each pupil must be presented on arrival.

One class - €18 per pupil
Course of four classes - €60 per pupil

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